…of my thoughts

Hey, Fate, relax for one moment! I understand that there are lessons to give, moments of experience and people to meet, but this is coming to me little more.

At the moment when I dare to think that I can rest and that soon I will do not have a meeting with you, you come with a bang and crash, without any care how unprepared I am. And other side ā€“ when I feel the need you to appear, to save me from my own inhibitions and to change my life ā€“ you are gone! But why? I do not understand your methods, but frankly, Iā€™m tired of trying to figure them out. People say ,that everything is for good and soon or later your wisdom happen clear to everyone. But sometimes I have the feeling that after all surprises, who shocked me so much ,more and more, I have failed to understand what their meaning is. Apparently, it seems to me that nothing else but to accept your actions and to deal with the consequences as far as I can.

But I still hope that under your leadership one day I will get where I must to be ā€“ already understanding and happy.